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Covid-19 News

25/6/20: Government guidance for opening pubs and clubs has been announced – click here

25/6/20: Staff are being notified and are returning to work next week -14 weeks after being furloughed, as the nation closed its’ pubs and restaurants.

24/6/20: Nearly all the brewers have delivered fresh stock. Unfortunately not all the brands are being brewed initially, so it is likely that some of your draught beer will not be available. The “core” brands will be fine – it will be just the smaller brands.

23/6/20: Draught Boddingtons is not available until w/c 29/6/20

16/6/20: – – The BBPA (British Beer & Pub Assoc) have launched their online system where pubs/clubs/restaurants etc can log the out of date beer they have in the cellar, and in some cases you can claim the duty on part used kegs. The system is all cross referenced with what Wilds have sold you prior to the lockdown. The brewers will then send you confirmation that you can pour the beer down the drain (just connect it up and run it into the drain). The brewer will then send the credit to Wilds and we will credit you.